Banca Raiffeisen


Series of site-specific furniture for the restyling of Raiffeisen Bank in Mendrisio, Switzerland.
The pieces consist in a sculptural reception desk, a coffee area and a collection of sofas and seats, all tailored on the bank interior created by Studio Casali Sagl. Along with the unique designs, the renovation also includes the furnishing of offices and consulting rooms.
The creative freedom emerged from brief, together with the constant dialogue with the client, allowed us to pursuit our common goal: giving the bank a new face in terms of both aesthetics and use.
The reception desk is made of hi-macs like the walls, and is conceived as their flowing continuation, guiding the customers throughout the space.
Using such a ductile and performing material has been an interesting challenge which gave birth to a sinuous combination of curved geometries.
In order to create a contrast with the immaculate, ethereal atmosphere, the theme of the color has played an important role, serving also as a recall to the bank corporate identity.
The new layout aims to suggest an innovative idea of bank, with a dynamic, friendly and cozy appeal.

Year: 2015/2016
Collaboration with Studio Casali Sagl
Manufacturers: Il Falegname Fabrizio, Il Loft
Photos by Studio Casali Sagl