Oxymoron is a collection of eight sculptural table and wall mirrors.
They are an outcome of the material research Homo Faber, where I aimed at pushing the boundaries of how the materials we know are supposed to be manipulated, used and perceived.
A series of hands-on experiments challenging the norms of making led me to discover a new, singular technique. In the borderline between artisanship and industry, it is based on the combination of foam and a non-toxic hardening substance. Foam absorbs the liquid substance, becoming its inner mould. The hardening process allows any temporary curve or movement of foam to be captured and become durable. It can be controlled only until a certain point, after which unpredictable variables set the final shape.
Opposite features are juxtaposed into one, new material.
Soft appearance and hard consistency coexist in a three dimensional oxymoron, where our expectations are surprisingly deceived (oxymoron = combination of two contradictory terms).
Oxymoron mirrors are a vehicle to show this technique, enhancing the haptic effect it provides. The technique allows to get unique shapes and tactile features in few steps, and endless variations starting from the same identical design. Giving birth to unlimited unique objects.


Year: 2014
Material: Foam, non-toxic hardener, mirror