White noise


White noise was created for the collective exhibition Fika Festival, opened during Milan Design Week 2015.
The exhibition was initiated by Studio Electrico, who developed a concept based on the theme of “having a break” – interpreting the idea of “fika” – a swedish habit: meeting a friend, sharing life stories with a coffee and a bun. Studio Electrico invited other designers and professionals to share their take on “have a break”.
With my project I decided to take a break from visual pollution and focus on tactility.
The result is a surface research presented through a multitude of versions of the same basic object.
The cup is used as device to display different material and perceptive features.


White noise
A break from visual pollution

Our brain is constantly bombarded with all kinds of images.
Dealing with such a massive amount of data that penetrate our sight every day is sometimes overwhelming.
We loose our genuine ability to capture tiny details, or to envision what is not there.
The cluster of visual inputs makes us blind.
White Noise is an aesthetic exploration dealing with our perception and interaction with reality.
It takes the form of a white landscape, where subtle and massive visual interferences generate different amounts of noise.
An installation where unexpected material intrusions become
poetic symbols of visual pollution.

By adding or erasing stimuli, new features are able to emerge.
Take your time and observe carefully to discover them.


Year: 2015
Material: Ceramic, wool, silicone, latex, wax